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And now it’s out there

I haven’t been writing for T-Lex very much lately.  Okay that’s obvious, but what I mean is, I haven’t been writing T-Lex in my head at all either.  There’s lots of stuff usually spinning around in my head that’s gearing up for a T-Lex post, but lately it’s been supplanted.  The reason is that I’m [...]

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June Bugs in July (my new thing learned)

These charming little guys keep showing up in our guest bedroom/my office/the Phibersmith studio.  What a versatile room!  I’m actually not sure I’ve ever seen an uglier bug, except maybe the so called “ghetto” bugs that are known to inhabit the student rental houses where Thomas and I went to school.  Those are uglier.  And [...]

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Entering the Discomfort Zone

Yesterday afternoon I drove into downtown Vancouver and spent a couple of hours promoting Phibersmith to some retail stores.  Then I spent several more hours coming down off my anxiety high.  In fact it took me about three times as long to recover from the outing as the outing itself.
Although I’m fairly new to this [...]

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Hankering after a little heat

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun…
I know in a couple of months I’m going to look back on this post and want to kick myself for saying this, because our apartment is basically a big greenhouse, but I am SO looking forward to summer right now.
Don’t get me wrong – the weather has been [...]

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In which, Spirit

I’m going to bring something up here, and Thomas is going to roll his eyes at me.  I’m pretty confident that he will roll his eyes, because it’s something I bring up every day, and without fail it prompts the same reaction – that is, eye-rolling.
I’m sure I’ve dropped hints about this [...]

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Being anxious… and okay with it

Hey, where have you been?
Who us? Oh, we’ve been around.  In Scotland for these guys’ wedding:

In Ontario for these guys:

And now we’re back!
I have a policy not to apologize for absences from my online interactions, because it stresses me out and makes me feel like I’ve missed a deadline – and if [...]

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Hair Colour

T writes:
My hair has no colour, and I admit that I am more than a little bit perturbed by this. When I was a child I had vivid blond curls that have since sullied to become a dull non-colour best described as “blah.” Check out these two pictures for a saddening record [...]

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Homeownership, Part III-B

T writes:
Comparing WR(T) and WHO(T)
I think the best place to start is by looking at how the two “worths” compare at the outset, when T = 0.
Comparing the two worths at T = 0 really just means comparing WR(0) and WHO(0):
WR(0) = Do; and
WHO(0) = Do – BuyCosts1; so
WR(0) – WHO(0) = [...]

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Homeownership, Part III-A

If you’ve read through these “Homeownership” entries in series, then be forewarned: this is the longest Part. In truth, it isn’t as long as it could be or ought to be (I’ve just recently abandoned a substantially longer version), but Alexis tells me that web-posts are supposed to be concise and [...]

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Preface to Homeownership, Part III – Motivation

The comparative monthly savings point of view is interesting, but in reality homeownership isn’t exactly a short term concept. My motivation for the short term savings comparison of Parts I and II was this: if our monthly costs of homeownership are greater than our monthly costs of renting (HO > R) [...]

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