Standard of Living – In-Suite Laundry

I’ve been trying for three weeks now to express to people my excitement over doing laundry.  Our new apartment is one of the only places I’ve lived since leaving my parents’ house for university that has a washer and dryer IN the unit.  I certainly never enjoyed this luxury in any of my student houses.

And in case you are operating under any other understanding of the situation, let me make it clear: Having a washing machine in your home IS a luxury, trust me.  Unfortunately trying to explain that to people who haven’t spent the last 6 years lugging their unmentionables to a public coin-operated facility isn’t meeting with much success.

Instead of trying to explain it here, allow me to illustrate:

old laundry system

This is what our apartment looked like when the dryers in our previous building were either not working properly or not available when our washing cycles were finished.

Contrast that picture with this one:

new laundry system

And then try to tell me that the giddy sensation I get weekend mornings when I roll out of bed and throw a load in the washer before breakfast is a case of me needing to get a life.

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