Purple Merino Sprinkle-dyed

Several months ago, in a search for pre-dyed yarns ready for spinning, I noticed that the Maiwa Handprints supply store on Granville Island carries 100 and 200 gram bags of merino and corriedale in incredible colours from Shades of Narnia in Chilliwack (sorry no site), just begging to be turned into something small and pretty.

spools of spun merino

One of the first bags I brought home was this purple sprinkle-dyed merino.  I had never spun merino before… holy crap it’s awesome.  And the sprinkle-dying ensured that I never got tired of watching the colours change under my hands as I drew out the fibres.

The plied result:

merino skeins

The two 2-ply skeins that I ended up with formed the basis for the creation of my wing-patterned lace scarf:

wing scarf

This pattern is still in development – I’d like to expand it to make a longer shawl that will cover my entire “wing-span.”  I’ll update this pattern when I’ve got it in its final iteration.

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