Baby Sweater

I recently knit this baby sweater (with hood, without embellishment) for a friend of Thomas’s sister, C.  C was having trouble sourcing gifts for her friend because nothing seemed to fit with the friend’s concept of keeping her new arrival’s impact on his or her new home as minimal as possible – i.e. second-hand baby equipment, reusable cloth diapers, etc.  A noble endeavour to be sure, and certainly setting a new baby out on the right foot karmically, but a bit of a nightmare if you happen to be trying to organize the baby shower.

I offered to knit a sweater out of organic, naturally-dyed cotton, and ended up choosing Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton DK Naturally Dyed in yellowwood.  The sweater turned out adorably although I had to block it twice – the first time the dye resettled in the folds and made the sweater look stained.  It came out nicely on round two however.

Not having any friends who find themselves to be in the pregnant stages of life yet, I had never knit a baby garment before.  The thing that I enjoyed most about it (apart from the fact that everything is cuter in miniature) was that it was such a quick knit from beginning to end, and yet still a full sweater!  I’ve decided that all my design ideas for anything larger than hats, scarves and mittens, now gets its first incarnation as a baby version – what a fantastic way to work out the texture and pattern of the knitted fabric before embarking on a full-scale project.

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