Okay, I’m going to say it:  It’s hot outside.  Also, it’s hot inside.  Our apartment is a slow cooker, and we are the main course.

I hesitate to admit to this of course because it’s just so very VANCOUVER of me to complain about heat when it’s probably only breaking 20°.  Vancouverites are notorious for constantly discussing the weather, and are incredibly intolerant of any temperature extremes.  Being from Ontario I routinely disparage them for this.

But this heat has taken me by surprise.  This time last year I was still wearing a coat and gloves; I could still see my breath in the air on my way to work.  So far in our experience, Vancouver enjoys summer for about 2 weeks a year (and those usually coincide with our out-of-town guests, which is great, but also such a piss off – not unlike, say, a puppy who’s only on her best behaviour when she’s out in public, just to give a random example).

I left to go to Prince Rupert on the 20th wearing a sweater and a coat to the airport in the morning.  When I came home, I had to strip down to my t-shirt when I got off the plane; my herb garden and sweet peas had come in like gangbusters; and you could fry an egg in our apartment without turning on the stove.

We’re spending a lot of time outside to escape the heat while we try to find the most efficient route for directing airflow through our place.  Thomas mopped off our balcony this weekend and now we can let Piper go out as she pleases without worrying about the detritus she might bring back in with her.  We’re also giving her the occasional ice cube to cool her down (an idea we got from our friends Sam & Jenn, whose Jack Russell Terrier comes skidding into the kitchen every time he hears the freezer door).

The combination of sudden heat, the time we spend outdoors and the long sunsets we’re already enjoying is making me nostalgic for the summers of my childhood.  I remember them as long strings of hot sunny days, punctuated only by the occasional thunderstorm that would eventually break the heat.  We don’t get many thunderstorms in Vancouver and I think I can safely say it’s the only iteration of rainy weather that I actually miss out here on the West Coast.

I’ve quickly switched to skirts and sandals.  I’m remembering afternoons spent in neighbours’ backyards eating homemade apple juice popsicles (and once mixing up the popsicle I held in one hand with the snail I held in the other… wondering now if Thomas knew when he married me that I had previously tongue-kissed a snail?) or pink-lemonade-yogurt popsicles if I was in my own backyard (my mother’s kid-snacks were always particularly inspired – can’t mix those up with snails, no sir).  We just ran out of the popsicles in our freezer.

I’m dreaming of weeks spent in cottages over the years, and I keep referring to the ocean as “the lake.”  Further proof, I suppose that I’m an Ontarian through and through.  Catching me completely unawares, this heat has made me homesick in the nicest way.  It’s making me uncomfortable and strangely comforting me at the same time.  I guess I’ll just cling to a thin hope that we have more summer left than one more week.

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