The Magnificent Unstoppable…

HER chair

…Little Piper Dude.
…Baby Dog.
…Poop Machine.

These are the many names of Piper – those last two mostly assigned between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:30 am.  This dog has as many names as meanings for us, and I’m not afraid to sound like a crazy-dog-lady when I say that she has made us a mini-family out here so far away from our human relations.

I want to update everyone about Piper today, as many of you will know that she got spayed on Wednesday.  Another stressful chapter in the saga that has been Piper, but she is doing beautifully – as usual, she kicked the shit out of the risk factors we constantly battle against.

Piper is now seven and a half months old, and we are pretty sure will reach maturity as the Smallest Golden Retriever on Record.  Not sure if there is such a Record, but if there were, she would be on it, either at the very bottom or very top, depending on listing order (largest to smallest or smallest to largest).  She weighs in at just over 40 lbs, and is about a foot and a half high at the shoulder.  Not that you would notice her actual height since she’s generally up on her hind legs jumping on something.  It’s a difficult thing to explain to a puppy that although yes, you do want her to jump up and stand like that to eat and drink, in every other scenario it is actually a very undesirable behaviour.  Especially, we’ve found, if you happen to be a man (in which case on her hind legs she is exactly the worst number of inches high).  We’re working on it.

her food station

In the last month, there have been a couple of positive developments.  First, Piper is now eating dry dog food.  This is great for a number of reasons, not least of which involves the consistency of her poop.  Second, we have decreased her meals to 2 per day, which has effectively halved the amount of time she has to be kept immobile and upright on our laps.  It goes without saying that this is awesome.  We’ve cut down on time spent preparing her food, time spent feeding her, and time spent holding her.  That adds up to a whole lot of extra time that we haven’t had at our disposal in months.  The result has been that we have settled into a more relaxed routine of existence that, unlike some other moments over the past 5.5 months, we can actually conceive of sustaining for a (hopefully) very long period of time. (One thing we’re still not 100% sure on is how we’ll deal with the equation of Piper + Babies when the time comes, but we’ve agreed that we can only cross that bridge when we come to it. Plus, Piper’s condition is by no means static, and there’s no way of telling how we may be managing it whenever the issue of babies comes up – or rather, whenever we decide to bring it up.)

Now that we’ve finally arrived at a fairly comfortable routine, I’ve begun to reflect on what Piper has done for us – in both the good ways and the bad.  Because while I love her dearly, it would be foolish to try and assert that she hasn’t had any negative effects on our lives.  She’s brought a lot of difficult decisions, sleepless nights (there are still some of those – 3:00 am is NOT an appropriate hour at which to request playtime young lady…), expense, and inconvenience in to our day-to-day experience, not to mention the mess.  Re-reading that last sentence it occurs to me that one could rightly say that about the acquisition of any animal – but, and here is our universal qualifying “BUT,” not like Piper.

post-eating hold up

And then on the other hand there are the good things.  Oh the good things.  If you have an animal, I hardly need to tell you all the little ways they make the day better – how their antics make you smile, their affection gives you comfort, and their perspective changes your own.  BUT – not like Piper.  Having Piper goes beyond this, in that I am so fiercely, glowingly proud of her, and of us, for muddling our way through this.  She’s not just beating the odds, she’s shutting them out, and she continues to amaze us.

Every time someone sees us out walking and stops to comment on how beautiful our dog is (and it happens frequently) I want to tell them, dude, you have no idea.  If it weren’t for our teamwork, and her innate inclination to let nothing stand in her way, this beautiful creature wouldn’t be here.  She makes my world a happier place.  That may not be a very big thing in the grand scheme of the world’s rotation, but she is something of which, in my small way, I will be always be proud.


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