June Bugs in July (my new thing learned)

These charming little guys keep showing up in our guest bedroom/my office/the Phibersmith studio.  What a versatile room!  I’m actually not sure I’ve ever seen an uglier bug, except maybe the so called “ghetto” bugs that are known to inhabit the student rental houses where Thomas and I went to school.  Those are uglier.  And faster.  And if you have the stomach for it, Thomas will tell you a story about how this one time he caught a ghetto bug, and it freaked out, spontaneously popped off one of its many legs and began to eat it WHILE STARING THOMAS IN THE EYE.  The impression he does of this exchange is quite chilling.

We keep on having to evict these interlocutors because the dog keeps trying to eat them.  I myself have been quite fascinated by them – not quite fascinated enough to try and eat them, but fascinated enough to visit the June Bug Wikipedia disambiguation page.  Turns out “June Bug” can mean any of a number of little beetly things, a plane, a cartoon character, or this movie from 2005 which I’ve actually seen a couple of times and highly recommend you do too, if you haven’t already (which if you’re reading this, I’m gonna go ahead and guess you have).  Isn’t Amy Adams just too cute?

Anyway, inquiring minds and all that – what new thing did you learn today?

P.S. the notebook he’s trapped with is a charming little thing that my friend Zhaleh gave me from delphine.  Probably she bought it in New York, because she’s cool that way.

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