Home, for a rest.

I just dropped off some lovely house guests at the airport and drove home along a highly congested Marine Drive, because I’m not good at navigating in Vancouver and missed the exit for the highway.  Never mind.  The point is, that the airport drop-off officially concluded our travel-guest-wedding-hosting duties for the past 2.5 weeks.  While it was all great fun, and it’s always nice to have a change of pace from the usual routine, I am just so TI-RED.  While I’ve been aching to get back to my online activities, right now all I have the energy or the inclination to do is sit in front of my spinning wheel with 100 grams of deep turquoise merino.

Spinning Wheel

Before I get into anything news-wise, can I just say: Why is there no “spinning wheel channel” on cable?  There’s a fireplace channel, and an aquarium channel, and a sunset channel – all these things that are supposed to be tranquil and meditative that you can tune into for a few minutes to clear your mind – but no spinning wheel channel!  Don’t get me wrong, fish are fantastic, but if you want to get mesmerized by something, just trust me, there’s nothing like watching a spinning wheel draw out fibers into yarn – even if you’re not the one doing the drafting.  Maybe I should make a video and put it on loop here – that would get me TONS of traffic, don’t you think?

In other less nerdy news, my eye surgery has been a HUGE success and I am officially a proponent of getting it done if you have the wherewithal.  Actually, maybe that news is MORE nerdy, or just AS nerdy.  Wait, am I just nerdy period? Yep, that’s okay.

We’ve been to two fantastic weddings over the last two weekends, which I’m offering up as an excuse for my silence of late.  Summer weddings seem to just knock us right out of comm-range these days.  If everyone would just stop getting married, or work together to get married within a few days of each other, I’d really appreciate it.  Thanks.  I don’t know what Katherine Heigl is making such a big deal about – going to two weddings in one day would totally rock efficiency-wise.  Also, I pretty much loved 27 Dresses. More nerdiness – or is that geekiness?  Is it nerdy or geeky to be overly invested in fictional stories?  Would someone please update me on the semantics.  Thank you.

Speaking of weddings, Daily Worth is featuring an article on wedding navigation which I want to high-five them for.  It’s SO hard to work out the money part of being a wedding guest – so much so that I’m sometimes tempted to include the breakdown of our gift/travel reckoning in the card we give to the couple (e.g., “Our gift is probably smaller than some other guests’, but please take in to consideration that we flew here and spent two nights in a hotel, so we care JUST AS MUCH.  Oh, and congratulations!”).  I haven’t actually done this.  I’m not THAT tacky.  Instead I try really hard to go for the touching/thoughtful gift, and hope they understand.

And with that disjointedness, I am off to spend some quality time with my Ashford Traveler, and Modern Family.

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