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Here’s something I’m doing that I never expected to be doing: I’m reading Vanity Fair. I’ve thought about it and come to the conclusion that this life experience is directly attributable to the fact that I live with a woman. It’s a by-product of having a female companion. The same effect is the primary enabler of the “rom-com” movie genre and essential to the livelihood of Hugh Grant. I continue to do many of the same general things that I would otherwise do, but with an underlying influence on the specific details. At first I may have discarded the odd divergence as being random or isolated, but over time I’ve been forced to acknowledge that there is an undeniable <add Alexis> factor in all things I do. Some examples:

  • I’m reading a book <add Alexis> It’s Vanity Fair
  • There are pictures of me on the internet <add Alexis> I’m baking a cake
  • I put on my shoes to leave <add Alexis> I wait by the front door because although she said she’s ready to go, she isn’t
  • I fold clean towels <add Alexis> I use a longitudinal fold first so it looks better slung over a rack
  • I have 8 closet doors in my apartment <add Alexis> I have no closet space
  • I have tea on Saturday mornings <add Alexis> It’s served in a teapot dressed with a knitted cozy and accompanied by delicious flour-based goods, such as tea biscuits, pancakes, or waffles
  • I insert a joke in conversation <add Alexis> Someone laughs
  • I get into bed at night <add Alexis> It’s warm
  • I’m ~4000km away from all my friends and family <add Alexis> I’m home
  • I’m busy, pressured, doubtful, unsure, fumbling along unplotted paths towards inevitable darkness, saddled with an expanding mass of forsaken choices, pushing against time and apathy to establish what is right and know that it is me <add Alexis> I’m happy

I’m sorry, had you inferred that it’s a negative influence? It ain’t.

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