Because clearly we needed another hobby

I’m in the process of changing work states – which is not unlike changing from liquid to gas, it takes a lot of energy.  This happens every few weeks when I need to shift focus drastically from one of my pursuits to another, and it can take me a couple of days to get out of one headspace and into another.  Hence the lack of T-Lex action this week.  BUT I did get some finished pieces back from our pottery studio this weekend, and THEN Thomas cleaned the window ledges, so I had a perfectly coincidental photo opp.

Blue pottery form side view

This is my very first attempt at throwing pottery on the wheel.  You can tell because it’s wobbly and uneven, and doesn’t actually resemble anything more useful than “vessel, unspecified.”  That is what its museum name will be 1000 years from now when they find it encased in a layer of silt during an archaeological dig.  I don’t know anything about archaeology clearly.  I fired the thing for posterity.  Thank goodness the glaze turned out so pretty.

Frilled pottery vase

This is a subsequent attempt.  Once again I am grateful to the glaze-mixing gods, otherwise known as the ceramics instructors, for the piece’s ultimate redemption.  It is more recognizably a vase.  At least I hope those archaeologists recognize it.  They will if they’re worth their salt.  What they WON’T be able to tell is that this vase started out life as a mug, and then died half way through the throwing of it, and was REBORN! with a little handbuilding help…

Pottery jug

And my jug.  My jug that was almost a mug, but got a weird flippy lip thing at the very end that I conveniently transformed into a spout.  As long as people believe that my pottery pieces are entirely intentional, then I’m a WHIZ.

Pottery bowl

And finally, my bowl.  I am absurdly proud of this bowl.  It’s even, and round, and you could put things in it.  Its glazing turned out phenomenally, even though I was sure I had it on so thick that they’d have to crack it out of the kiln with an ice pick… or similar… they don’t let me near the firing, because they are wise, wise people – so I don’t know what they’d have used.  ANYWAY, they didn’t need to, because it WORKED!

Given this humble little collection of things, you may be flabbergasted to discover that this weekend when we go to class, I will be putting the finishing touches on building a teapot.  I know!  A teapot which I fully expect will pour tea! From a spout! Although it is just as likely to also pour from the lid… We shall see!

Thomas’s pieces have unfortunately not made it into the kilns yet, but when they do, man, you can count on their being disseminated here at length.

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    Beautiful! I love handmade pottery. It looks so artisanal and expensive. Plus I’m a sucker for a blue/green glaze.

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