Well!  I suppose we should pretend like we actually run this website and update it right about now, right? You are so right.

Huh, will you look at that – it’s Hallowe’en.  Thomas and I totally dropped the ball on this one, which is a little bit sad because this holiday was once a favourite of mine, and actually one of Thomas’s and my first bonding activities.  Behold: our pumpkins of 4 years past –

Pumpkins (again with the spider theme)

Can you guess whose is whose?

Also, that year I took the liberty of finding Thomas a costume prop so that he would accompany me to a housing co-op party:

I  don't know, I only take responsibility for the bowtie

Isn’t that the keenest bow tie you’ve ever seen? And? It shoots water.  Yeah, I totally had his number, even back then.  Mysteriously, the glasses he already owned.  Go figure.

This Hallowe’en has crept up on us, and we have nothing to commemorate it.  No costumes, no candy, no horror flicks, no pumpkins – not even a decorative gourd.  The only observance we’ve made is to watch almost all the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes (and dear god, they are glorious).

Our home is so un-hallowe’eny that Piper took matters into her own hands (ahem, paws) at the park today and created her own costume:

Halloween costume

She was aiming for Chocolate Lab (apparently no one has explained to her that blondes have more fun), but I think it came off more Creature from the Black Lagoon. Okay, minus the gills, and mostly because a Black Lagoon was what she was wallowing in to create the effect.  One fellow dog-owner summed it up nicely as looking like “a vanilla cookie dipped in chocolate.”

Boy do I wish that it was chocolate that was later involved in this shower scene:

This particular water isn't really meant for drinking puppy

At least her nose will be clean

Trying to avoid the shower

Alas, it was mud.

But let’s get back to our long silence shall we? Because I PROMISE I have a good excuse.  Check it out:

Yes!  The Etsy Shop which I have long been promising some people is now officially in operation.  And, AND, someone bought something from me. That I made.  With my hands. I’m pretty freaking chuffed about that.

From now on, you’ll be able to see the contents of my shop in the sidebar here.  Lucky you!
I’m hoping now that the initial flurry of activity around setting it up has died down, that I’ll be able to devote more time to T-Lex updates.  Speaking of having more time, there’s another announcement about which I’ll be able to talk about here soon, but for now, I’m signing off again.  I hope you’ll stay tuned…

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