Found Object Sculpture, Theme “Domesticity”

Yesterday I amused myself while folding laundry by seeing how high I could stack Thomas’s clothes before they tumbled over (cheap thrills, I know).  Turns out pretty high – I got another load’s worth on there after I took this picture.

When he came home and asked me what I did for the day (and just a note here: this is not ALL I did, I was very productive, it’s just the laundry was goofy and worth sharing), I proudly showed him my handiwork and said, “I built you a tower! It’s like laundry for Jenga players!”

Later on, he changed into pajama pants that were freshly laundered, and when he came back he sat down beside me on the couch, and horrified, I asked, “You didn’t topple the tower did you?”

“No,” he said.  “I took a block from the middle… and I put it on ME.”

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