Christmas Shopping 21st Century Style

Yep, I am aware it’s only November 16.  Whatever you scrooges, I have already got my Christmas shop on.  Did you know there are only 39 shopping days left until Christmas (based on my highly fallible half-assed count)?  Well, now you do.  Feel free to start panicking!

Okay now stop.  Because guys, I’ve got your back.  And for some of you that’s quite literal.  There are 12 people on my shopping list this year, and that doesn’t include the shopping I do on other people’s behalf.  Basically I keep my eye out year round for things I think would make suitable presents, and then come gift-giving occasions, my idea arsenal is stocked – stocked enough usually that I can afford to give a couple of the ideas away.

I should be clear that this is a totally selfish activity on my part.  I love shopping, I love giving people things, and I love being “in” on surprises for other people.  Any benefits to other people are a totally secondary result, but hey, every body wins right?

I joke! Sort of.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is that I’ve been doing some Christmas shopping recently.  Since we don’t live in downtown Vancouver anymore, my window-shopping rate is way down.  Luckily, my online-shopping is way up which is awesome because I can share it here and it’s accessible to all! That is, as long as you are fortunate enough to live in Canada.

What follows is a list of sites from which I get most of my online shopping inspiration.  Enjoy!

I would be remiss if I didn’t start with this one, given my recent foray into its ranks of sellers.  The internet’s foremost community of handmakers!… er – makers-by-hand rather.  Here’s some of the things I’ve noticed recently, go make your own finds:

Scoutie Girl Gifts

In keeping with the handmade vein, Scoutie Girl Gifts is another “buy handmade” advocate, which lists not only items found on Etsy, but others from all over the web.  Similar to Etsy’s treasuries, the items are grouped by common themes, and each new post is a new collection scouted out by different readers or contributors.  Here’s some highlights:

Selections from Museums of Canada

I can’t remember where I came across this site, but it’s been a go-to place for Christmas shopping ever since I did.  Imagine all of the gift shops from all of the museums from across the country, assembled in all their curious artsy glory right at your fingertips.  Exactly.  Here’s some stuff to which I can attest awesomeness:

Lee Valley Tools

We rediscovered Lee Valley Tools when hunting for automatic plant watering solutions a couple of years ago (plant watering has played a strangely large role in our home maintenance activities – long story).  I’m a huge fan of buying gadgetry as presents (you know, that thing that performs that function that the gift recipient didn’t even know was missing from his/her life until they start unwrapping), and Lee Valley’s gadgetry never disappoints.  Think novelty in the true sense of the word.  Here’s some stuff we’ve already given:


If you’re anything like me, whenever someone mentions this store, you sigh and say “Oh… I love Anthropologie.”  I first entered a storefront in Seattle, before it moved north, and now its presence in Toronto is one of the myriad reasons I’m excited to move back east.  In the meantime however, their Canadian digs means their shipping costs aren’t outrageous out-of-country ones, and there’s no pesky custom charges to deal with.  Some things I’m lusting after currently:


For so many things, my go-to store – probably primarily because I grew up on a steady Sears diet (although I still mourn the death of Eaton’s).  This is bread and butter shopping folks, but the best thing about Sears online? You can have them send your order to any Sears location and pick it up there for FREE.  Uh huh. No shipping costs, no inconvenient delivery times.  Just click, pay, then sashay into Sears and grab it when it’s convenient.  Sashay.  Or, to give another awesome example, you can have it sent to a Sears near your parents’ house, if you, say, buy your dad a new coffee maker for his birthday, and your mom can pick it up for him.  Easy peasy.  I’m pretty sure they’ve been offering this option ever since they’ve had catalogue shopping, because I remember my mother telling me about my grandmother sending her a new ironing board this way when she was in university.  The same ironing board I used when I went to uni.  Ah, heirlooms. Here’s some cool stuff:

Mighty Goods

The preeminent shopping blog.  Given my reference to Canadian availability, I should point out that its creator, Maggie Mason’s location in San Fran makes this more of a source of inspiration than of actual purchases, but damn, she finds good stuff.  Thomas and I have a semi-serious plan of moving to the States for a year, just so we can participate in the Bacon of the Month Club.  Seriously (semi-ly). It’s getting late so I won’t showcase MG stuff for the moment. Just you head over there and check it out.

And that’s it guys! I hope this helps you in successfully navigating the rat maze of your holidays.  Good luck with the reindeer games.

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