Brand new year, brand new bag

(wherein “bag” does not refer to an “old lady” but rather to something akin to a “bag of tricks” if you will)

Well my internet friends, what do you think?  Finally I can (sort of) talk about my work on the web.  I’ve done something to resoundingly ring in the New Year, and have taken the plunge into self-employment.  Today is my first day with the new boss – is it completely ridiculous to say that I’m a little nervous?  She’s a tough nut to crack.

[As an aside: suddenly find myself wondering if the reason I so often hear self-employment coupled with the expression “take the plunge” makes some reference to your initial salary expectations… But never mind, not going to worry about that just yet as it is decidedly beside the point of the exercise.  At the moment anyway.]

I joke – about the nut-cracking part – but in all seriousness, this transition has been a trifle nerve-wracking.  Chief amongst my concerns about embarking on my first few days is that I have been stockpiling so many projects for this debut that today I hardly know where to start.  It’s overwhelming really – but in this sort of situation I try to remind myself not to worry too much about the macro and focus on the micro (that is, I suspect, spoken like the daughter of an economist… although Dad correct me if I’m wrong).  Just get a few little tasks done and keep moving; in my experience, if you are carrying a great weight of “things to be done” you’d better not stop running – it’ll crush you and you’ll never get anywhere.

There, little pearls of self-employed wisdom already.  I think I can call this first day a success – in at least having fun at my own expense.

One of my promises to myself in undertaking this new endeavour is that I will spend a good deal more time with this website – developing it, writing it, and generally maintaining it.  I know it’s a promise I’ve made myself in the past, so I’m not going to go too far except to say that it is one of my goals and I’m excited to see how I go on with it.  It will come as no shock that I have lots of ideas flitting around in my head, but I must make an effort to get on with the serious business of drawing them out.  Actually, that’s a sentence that I can apply to my whole new work ethic I think.

It is customary to start the New Year with an astonished retrospective – look at all we have done!… Thomas and I, when faced with the task of retrospectating, would probably look at each other and resignedly sigh one word in unison:  what did we do this year? “Piper…”

But that would be ungenerous.  We have also accomplished: “Piper!” Because she is an accomplishment, and it does us good not to lose sight of this fact.  We also attended several weddings, advanced professionally, started a business, and celebrated our first anniversary.  This has been a good year.  A life-changing-shaping year, as all good years are.  And, I hope, a year which will prove to be a precursor to several more important such life-changing ones.

I wish no less for all of you – a New Year which is not only joyful and full of good fortune, but one which sets you another step along the path you wish to tread.

Happy 2010.

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