Middle Day

Wednesday is turning into my weird day of the week. It’s the day when I start cleaning obsessively, or reading random crap on the internet, or like today, the day when I putter around cleaning things, doing odds and ends, and pretending to myself that any minute I’m going to get up and go to the grocery store. Any minute now, it’s going to happen. I’m going to change into jeans.

Wednesday is such an awkward day, and its awkwardness is manifesting itself in me. I’m off to the grocery store any minute… but not right this minute. So instead, on this middle-week day, I’m going to share a round up of wide belts I found on Etsy recently while shopping for my mom’s birthday present. Get it? It’s middle day, and I’m giving you something to wrap around your middle! I know, I am SO awkward right now. Sorry. Let’s look at these belts!

What a bunch of happy middles. The one at top left will be wrapped around my mom’s middle pretty soon. Hurray!

Alright, bloody well time for groceries.

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