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Just in case the news of Piper’s recent diagnosis has you imagining a doleful and weak puppy devoid of all play; a wretched lump wanting of all those endearing qualities that epitomize the enchantment of puppyness; be reassured that she strives to be every bit of puppy that her precisely rationed and diligently administered meals enable her to be. Sometimes, I think she overcompensates:


In the literature, there is a term for this behaviour. It’s called FRAP, which is an acronym for some variation of “Frenetic Random Activity Period,” “Frenetic Random Acts of Play,” or “Frantic Running And Playing.” In Piper’s case, I tend to think of this behaviour as convincing evidence of “Food Retained in the Absence of Peristalsis,” for which I think all three of us deserve serious props.

And yes, those are penguins holding martinis on my pants. I’ve been wearing them for about… let’s see, how long have we had Piper?… six weeks now.

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