Hello! (and another video)

Good news! We are not missing or dead, despite this site’s evidence to the contrary. Things just, you know, get away from us at times. This is my first day of downtime since the long weekend – I spent last weekend and the 3 days preceding it in Prince Rupert for work, which left Thomas here to fend for Piper and himself on his own; and as you know Piper requires a lot of fending. Or tending. She’s time-consuming.

So here we are now, watching the first episode of The Wire while I work on some web maintenance stuff on my laptop. We’re going to try and post a number of things this weekend, but in the meantime, and speaking of the canine herself, here’s my now favourite video of Piper:

the water dog

This is her second bath, and clearly she LOVED it, which was unexpected.

Her first bath did not go so well. I got home from work that day to find that Piper had not been able to “hold it” the whole day, and, well, she’d made a bit of a mess of herself. So I dutifully put down some towels and we had our first bathing experience. It looked like this:

not too impressed

escaping bath #1

post bath #1

She just did not understand why we were doing this. And this was an attitude I totally expected, since both Thomas and I had family dog experiences in which the dog was heartily opposed to bathtime – either sitting in abject humiliation during the entire process (my dog) or having to be locked in the glass-doored shower with someone in a bathing suit to prevent escape (Thomas’s dog).

So you can imagine our surprise when we put her in the bath the second time (you’ll notice Thomas got in too, thinking he’d have to restrain her from jumping out) and she decided it was the best thing ever. In fact, when we eventually pulled her out of there and dried her off, she immediately jumped back in:

back in the tub

And when we tried to get her to come out, she hid behind the shower curtain:

just ignore me, I'm not really here

Now we have big plans to take her swimming sometime soon.

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