calamondin tree

Although we don’t have a backyard, we do try to maintain our apartment-sized gardening efforts.  These efforts are characterized more by enthusiasm (and certainly the best of intentions) than actual skill; but in any case, our apartment is home to a collection of pots and greenery, which we tend with moderate diligence (i.e., we try not to kill things).

When we moved to our new apartment, the Legendary Shopping Trip (one empty rented panel van + 7 hours on a Saturday + 5 different stores = one full rented panel van and an end to our apartment related errands) included a stop at GardenWorks in Burnaby, where we picked up 3 potted trees to fill out the space around our living room windows.

One of the trees we bought is a Calamondin, which we had never heard of before.  Clearly, we are not very UP on our miniature citrus trees.  Well – Google will help us out with that.

Here are a couple of good articles I found:

The tree we bought already had fruit on it, but a couple of weeks after bringing it home and placing it in our VERY sunny corner window, it has exploded into flower.  Behold:

calamondin fruit

the fruit

calamondin flowers

the flowers

What I know now, from my googling, is that having fruit and flowers on the Calamondin is a pretty standard thing about 5 times a year.  In fact, it can take the fruit about a year to actually ripen, so this tree is all about reproduction all the time.  Also, the flowers are self-pollinating – wait, is there a fancy horticultural term for that? Oh yeah, self-FERTILE – which means that they don’t require cross-pollination via wind or insect.  Boy, I wish I’d known that before I spent 5 minutes playing bumble bee with my fingertip.  All that good flower sex for nothing.   I feel so used.

So! Now that I know that the fruit is usable, and we’ll have a pretty constant supply if we manage to keep our little tree happy, what am I going to do with it?  Apart from Calamondinade, of course.

Google to the rescue again!  When I have myself some nice orangey mini citrus, here are some recipes I’m going to try:


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