Mojito Iced Tea

When Thomas and I went on our honeymoon to Antigua, the day that we arrived at the resort we walked in and sat down in the reception area and before we even had the check-in paperwork in front of us we were presented with two icy virgin mojitos.  Incredible. They set the tone for our entire stay and we drank them every day (we tried them with rum but they just weren’t quite as refreshing).

We’ve been meaning to replicate those mojitos ever since we got back (umm… almost a year ago).  We’ve got mint growing now but it’s not quite ready to go.  We also ran out of everything to drink but tap water today, and while that’s fine for keeping us hydrated in this so far unrelenting heat, we wanted something with a little zing.  We drink a lot of mint tea, and we had some lime juice in the fridge, so I proposed we make mint-lime iced tea.  Is that summery or what?  Not exactly our mojitos, but at least reminiscent in flavour.

It turned out pretty well.  We may tweak the ratios a bit in later batches, but I thought I’d share what we did here.

T-Lex Mojito Iced Tea

8 cups boiling water
4 peppermint tea bags (we used Tetley, because we had it and didn’t want to waste our nice mint tea on an experiment)
1/3 cup honey
1/2 cup lime juice

Brew the tea in a big heatproof bowl, and leave the tea bags in while you add the honey and the lime juice, stirring to combine.  Let it sit and come to room temperature. Remove the tea bags when the tea is at your desired strength.  Refrigerate it for a couple of hours before you drink it – or you can use ice to chill it once it’s cooled down enough.

I’m thinking mint leaves embedded in ice cubes when we make this again.  Yum!

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