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Vicarious Travel Log #2: July 19 – 25, 2010

This is the second installment of my mom’s Travel Log, which we are posting up on T-Lex while they wander around Europe.  If you missed part one, you can check it out here.  For now I’m pilfering the illustrative photographs from the interwebs (you can see the original source by clicking on them), but my [...]

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Worth 90+ minutes of your life

I got a Measles-Mumps-Rubella booster shot today (fun!) to make sure all my immunizations are up to date, then came home, played stick-tug-of-war in the park with the dog (I won!), ate lunch, and skyped with my parents who have (inadvertently – according to them, their sat-nav doesn’t indicate European borders) wound up in the [...]

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Vicarious Travel Log #1: July 17 – 19, 2010

Last Saturday, my parents closed up their house and got on a plane for Europe.  They won’t be back for 5 months.  I know – whoa! right?  Actually, relatively speaking 5 months is a short trip for them.  Most of the extensive traveling they‘ve done has been in 11 – 12 month periods.  Also, for [...]

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And now it’s out there

I haven’t been writing for T-Lex very much lately.  Okay that’s obvious, but what I mean is, I haven’t been writing T-Lex in my head at all either.  There’s lots of stuff usually spinning around in my head that’s gearing up for a T-Lex post, but lately it’s been supplanted.  The reason is that I’m [...]

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Taking the Heat

Looking out my window as I write, I can see a haze has started to fall over Vancouver.  It’s reached that peak in the current heat wave where, although the sky is still technically cloudless, it’s no longer exactly clear.  It’s turned a milky blue.  I think that means the pollution is beginning to build [...]

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June Bugs in July (my new thing learned)

These charming little guys keep showing up in our guest bedroom/my office/the Phibersmith studio.  What a versatile room!  I’m actually not sure I’ve ever seen an uglier bug, except maybe the so called “ghetto” bugs that are known to inhabit the student rental houses where Thomas and I went to school.  Those are uglier.  And [...]

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