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Home, for a rest.

I just dropped off some lovely house guests at the airport and drove home along a highly congested Marine Drive, because I’m not good at navigating in Vancouver and missed the exit for the highway.  Never mind.  The point is, that the airport drop-off officially concluded our travel-guest-wedding-hosting duties for the past 2.5 weeks.  While [...]

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At the juncture between hindsight and foresight

When I was in grade 3, I poked myself in the eye with a pencil.  The blunt end thankfully.  I had dropped the pencil under my desk, and my desk being against a wall I had to crawl underneath my desk to retrieve it.  As I was emerging from under the desk, I put my [...]

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Phibersmith out on the town

Well hey there.  Our iMac is indisposed at the moment, having its hard drive reformatted.  It’s very embarrassing as a Mac user to admit to having cpu issues, but there you have it – our constant companion is having its brains unscrambled.
In the meantime I’m relegated to activities I can complete with my antiquated little [...]

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