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Grocery Shopping, MMX

A: What about these?
T: You better make sure those are the honey mustard pretzel pieces that weren’t recalled for containing hydrolized vegetable protein.
A: I do wish you would unsubscribe from that particular RSS feed, dear.

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Because clearly we needed another hobby

I’m in the process of changing work states – which is not unlike changing from liquid to gas, it takes a lot of energy.  This happens every few weeks when I need to shift focus drastically from one of my pursuits to another, and it can take me a couple of days to get out [...]

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Embroidered Collar Series Preview

I’ve been working this week on a new series of embroidered collars for Phibersmith, and I’m so excited about them I just had to share a little peek at them with you.  They’ll be available publicly in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy!

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a-puttering, a-pottering

Pottery Class from Alexis Hoy on Vimeo.
I mentioned before that we are taking a ceramics class at Place des arts in Coquitlam.  On Sunday I finally remembered to bring our little Sony camera with us (I was afraid of getting clay all over the big one) and take some shots and video of Thomas in [...]

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As Requested: My Pre-Plunge Reading List

My good friend Nora asked me to share the things that I read to prepare myself for going it alone, so I went back through the notes I made when I was first setting up Phibersmith and came up with a short list of the resources I used to make me feel like I wasn’t [...]

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Working away

On things like this today.  Stay tuned!

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Entering the Discomfort Zone

Yesterday afternoon I drove into downtown Vancouver and spent a couple of hours promoting Phibersmith to some retail stores.  Then I spent several more hours coming down off my anxiety high.  In fact it took me about three times as long to recover from the outing as the outing itself.
Although I’m fairly new to this [...]

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Found Object Sculpture, Theme “Domesticity”

Yesterday I amused myself while folding laundry by seeing how high I could stack Thomas’s clothes before they tumbled over (cheap thrills, I know).  Turns out pretty high – I got another load’s worth on there after I took this picture.
When he came home and asked me what I did for the day (and just [...]

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Hankering after a little heat

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun…
I know in a couple of months I’m going to look back on this post and want to kick myself for saying this, because our apartment is basically a big greenhouse, but I am SO looking forward to summer right now.
Don’t get me wrong – the weather has been [...]

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Apple Blueberry Pie + Pastry Tutorial

A couple of days ago I put the above photo on my twitter as a sneak peek for this recipe.  At the time, there was still some of this pie left in our fridge, and looking at it now, I’m REALLY sad we’ve eaten it all already.  Can we agree on something? Namely that one’s [...]

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