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They rule the balcony.

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Healthiest Weeknight Quiche Ever

Have you noticed we’re fans of dinners you can whip up quickly on a workday?  No? Let me introduce you to the eating category of this site.  We will try anything once, but unless it cooks up fast, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be ejected from our weeknight repertoire.
You might think quiche is a funny [...]

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The Home Office – a brief catalogue

Don’t worry, this post has nothing to do with staplers or other office supplies – although I am still enjoying my “personal trimmer.”  I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between my working life now (at home) and my working life then (in an actual workplace/office).  Pretty much they are what you’d expect from [...]

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Back on Track

Hiatus finally over!  I’m so excited about the new site design – this is a first for me: our own custom designed Wordpress Theme.  I worked this baby up from scratch thanks to a brilliant tutorial by Ian Stewart of Theme Shaper, and I’m super pleased with the result.  Knowing me of course I’ll get [...]

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