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Friday Food: Turkey Bacon Pasta Sauce

One of the easiest things I do for a weeknight supper is dress up a jar of store-bought pasta sauce with fresh ingredients.  Not terribly original, I know – every household has some version of this I’m sure.  The only reason I bring it up here today is that I’ve been [...]

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Middle Day

Wednesday is turning into my weird day of the week. It’s the day when I start cleaning obsessively, or reading random crap on the internet, or like today, the day when I putter around cleaning things, doing odds and ends, and pretending to myself that any minute I’m going to get up [...]

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Alexis’s DIY 2010 Agenda

If you read this post and like what you see, I am happy to send you the soft copy of my 2010 Agenda via email, so that you can print and bind it yourself.  Just shoot me an email at  (Of course, this offer is for personal use only, and using [...]

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Friday Food

Contrary to the evidence on this site, we do still eat occasionally, and as you have probably noticed if you come here with any frequency, we like to take pictures of everything we eat.  Well, almost everything.  We like to take pictures of things we’re PROUD of eating.  For instance, we [...]

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Merry Christmas, Baby

In our defense, we did not buy this for her…

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Brand new year, brand new bag

(wherein “bag” does not refer to an “old lady” but rather to something akin to a “bag of tricks” if you will)
Well my internet friends, what do you think?  Finally I can (sort of) talk about my work on the web.  I’ve done something to resoundingly ring in the New Year, and [...]

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