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T writes:
Here’s something I’m doing that I never expected to be doing: I’m reading Vanity Fair. I’ve thought about it and come to the conclusion that this life experience is directly attributable to the fact that I live with a woman. It’s a by-product of having a female companion. The same [...]

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The Magnificent Unstoppable…

…Little Piper Dude.
…Baby Dog.
…Poop Machine.
These are the many names of Piper – those last two mostly assigned between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:30 am.  This dog has as many names as meanings for us, and I’m not afraid to sound like a crazy-dog-lady when I say that she has made [...]

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Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday, and on Sunday Thomas made me this cake to celebrate. We’ve been eating it ever since, and last night after dinner I hit a cake wall…
You can find the recipe here.
You can also look at my birthday presents here. Woohoo!

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