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Hair Colour

T writes:
My hair has no colour, and I admit that I am more than a little bit perturbed by this. When I was a child I had vivid blond curls that have since sullied to become a dull non-colour best described as “blah.” Check out these two pictures for a saddening record [...]

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Balcony Tomatoes

Arbitrarily at the grocery store sometime in May I said, “Hey, want a tomato plant?” Thomas was all, “Sure.” And so we bought one. I have a great nostalgia for tomato plants because my family grew a profusion of them in the backyard when I was growing up. The smell of the [...]

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Finished Product: Outdoor Lighting

As promised, photos of my finished paper lantern project. Again, you can find the inspiration for this bit of makery here. The best lantern materials? Pages from Anthropologie catalogues. So pretty.

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