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Celebrity Spotting: A Lesson in Using Code Phrases

We rode the bus on Saturday with Denis Simpson.  Think you don’t know who that is?  If you’re a Canadian and born before 1990, I guarantee you do.  Remember Polka Dot Door?  Yeah, THAT Denis.  Did you also know he was the original bass vocalist for the Nylons?  Nope, neither [...]

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Outdoor Lighting

We’ve been working for a while on getting our balcony ready for summer enjoyment. I know… it’s summer already, right? Well we’re almost there. My plants are all in place, we’ve bought trellises, Thomas has cleaned all the surfaces, we’ve had a barbecue for a while now too.
Because I can’t cram [...]

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Obedience training
Happy Saturday morning! *Yawn* Before I go take this puppy out for our weekend run (this is our Sat AM routine now), I thought I’d post this little shot of her, well, running. Who doesn’t have time for a 13 second video?
À bientôt!

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Apple Streusel Cheesecake

Apple Streusel Cheesecake

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My Knitting Library

I’ve been feeling a bit of a creative dearth lately.  I am lucky in that I can often expel a lot of my creative energies at work.  Lately though that avenue has been filled more with catch-up administrative type stuff that doesn’t really get the juices flowing… so to speak.  At [...]

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Mojito Iced Tea

When Thomas and I went on our honeymoon to Antigua, the day that we arrived at the resort we walked in and sat down in the reception area and before we even had the check-in paperwork in front of us we were presented with two icy virgin mojitos.  Incredible. They set [...]

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Okay, I’m going to say it:  It’s hot outside.  Also, it’s hot inside.  Our apartment is a slow cooker, and we are the main course.
I hesitate to admit to this of course because it’s just so very VANCOUVER of me to complain about heat when it’s probably only breaking 20°.  Vancouverites are [...]

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