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Hello! (and another video)

Good news! We are not missing or dead, despite this site’s evidence to the contrary. Things just, you know, get away from us at times. This is my first day of downtime since the long weekend – I spent last weekend and the 3 days preceding it in Prince Rupert for work, [...]

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Hopefully an Herb Garden

Clearly we’re having a little trouble keeping up with things around here (as I write this I am holding a digesting puppy upright in my lap with one hand and typing with the other… this is a skill I am going to have to hone.  Thank goodness for automatic capitalization).  Our work [...]

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T writes:
Just in case the news of Piper’s recent diagnosis has you imagining a doleful and weak puppy devoid of all play; a wretched lump wanting of all those endearing qualities that epitomize the enchantment of puppyness; be reassured that she strives to be every bit of puppy that her precisely [...]

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