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I was going to find a quote to start off this post.  Something that could convey succinctly the attitude and reaction to a situation I’m about to explain; something to which I could maybe refer myself during some difficult moments which are sure to be on their way to meet us; but [...]

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The End of a Very Long Week…

While we catch our breath and organize some great new content we hope you will enjoy, we’ve uploaded some new Piper pics to our flickr:

You’ll also notice in the right sidebar that we’re featuring Alexis’s tweets on the site now, an experiment about which she’ll be posting soon.
And last but certainly not least, [...]

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If your dreams tell you to make pancakes, don’t argue, just do it.

I had a dream on Thursday night that the only thing that was going to save our marriage (in the dream, for some reason I can’t recall, our marriage was on the rocks) was if I got up in the morning and made pancakes.  I really have no idea what may have [...]

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Missed a Spot

To make a giant understatement, Piper has a very senstive digestive system. As a result we’ve adopted a feeding method whereby we elevate her food bowl to make the most of gravity. Because of this feeding arrangement, she invariably ends up with food on her nose.
Thomas, who is much more conscious of [...]

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Dinners in 30 minutes or less

Now that we’ve moved to an area that has real grocery stores, we have a weekend routine of picking dinner recipes for the week, taking our Rolser, and doing a big shop for all the ingredients.
We figured that our first week with Piper would mean a lot of adjustments for everyone, so [...]

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Homeownership, Part III-B

T writes:
Comparing WR(T) and WHO(T)
I think the best place to start is by looking at how the two “worths” compare at the outset, when T = 0.
Comparing the two worths at T = 0 really just means comparing WR(0) and WHO(0):
WR(0) = Do; and
WHO(0) = Do – BuyCosts1; so
WR(0) – WHO(0) = [...]

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Homeownership, Part III-A

If you’ve read through these “Homeownership” entries in series, then be forewarned: this is the longest Part. In truth, it isn’t as long as it could be or ought to be (I’ve just recently abandoned a substantially longer version), but Alexis tells me that web-posts are supposed to be concise and [...]

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