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Because you asked for it

There are more pictures of Piper on our Flickr. Which is just about all we have energy for this week, what with the consecutive 2 am & 5 am wake up calls.

Also, thanks to Sabine for the puppy bib – the pictures of which you can see in sequence here. Boy did [...]

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Her name is Piper

Piper meets the mirror

You can also see our Piper photo set on flickr.

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Open Heart Surgery

The good people at [every pet toy manufacturer ever] seem to have a fondness for squeaking. I, and my sanity, however, do not. And so here a brightly coloured miniature-dachshund-esque dog toy is having his only vital organ removed. Before anyone emails me to say, “Oh, but my dog LOVES the [...]

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Puppy: T – 3 days

To follow up on this post (which for obvious reasons is, to date, our largest hit generator), and to explain why posting has been so light in the last few days, I thought I would ruminate a bit on our reasons for getting a puppy.  The ins and outs, as I [...]

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Spring Tabouleh

We have a lot of fun taking pictures of food. Whenever we make something we particularly like the look of, we have this strange drive to immortalize it… Here’s some Spring Tabouleh from 101 Cookbooks:

You can find the recipe right here! (Note: we used whole wheat cous cous instead of bulgur [...]

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Napoleon Cake, Russian-style

This past Saturday, Thomas turned 26, and in the tradition of our birthdays together, I made a rather elaborate cake.
I think this tradition has emerged partly because we don’t really know enough people out here to scrape together a party – in any case certainly not enough people who also know each [...]

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Waiting for the puppy…

We have managed to restrain ourselves to these three items from the toy aisle at the pet store thus far…

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Although we don’t have a backyard, we do try to maintain our apartment-sized gardening efforts.  These efforts are characterized more by enthusiasm (and certainly the best of intentions) than actual skill; but in any case, our apartment is home to a collection of pots and greenery, which we tend with moderate [...]

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Preface to Homeownership, Part III – Motivation

The comparative monthly savings point of view is interesting, but in reality homeownership isn’t exactly a short term concept. My motivation for the short term savings comparison of Parts I and II was this: if our monthly costs of homeownership are greater than our monthly costs of renting (HO > R) [...]

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