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You may now commence the “aaw-ing”

(Special thanks to our breeder, Dayle, for permission to use one of the MANY puppy-preview shots she’s sent us over the past couple of weeks to illustrate this post.)
That’s right! We are incredibly excited to announce (to those who have not already been THOROUGHLY briefed on that excitement) that one of [...]

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Sunday afternoon, new apartment

Looking at our couch almost always makes me want to sink into it and never reappear.

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Standard of Living – In-Suite Laundry

I’ve been trying for three weeks now to express to people my excitement over doing laundry.  Our new apartment is one of the only places I’ve lived since leaving my parents’ house for university that has a washer and dryer IN the unit.  I certainly never enjoyed this luxury in any [...]

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Easy Mushroom Swiss Soufflés

Since we spent Valentine’s Day filling a panel van with shelving, these cute little soufflés we made the following night.  They were well worth the wait, and doubly exciting because we got to use our new Emile Henry lion head soup bowls.  Technically I think they’re ideal for French onion soup, but [...]

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My brain-mouth connection…

…is a complicated interior game of telephone
Lex:  Look at all the snow!  I feel like I’m in a snow blobe!
T:   Snow BLOBE?
Lex:  No I said snow globe.  I feel like I’m in a snow globe.
T:  Heh heh.  Blobe.  That’s not a word.  Snow Blobe.
Lex:   Well it should be.

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