Monthly Archives: January 2009

Baby Sweater

I recently knit this baby sweater (with hood, without embellishment) for a friend of Thomas’s sister, C.  C was having trouble sourcing gifts for her friend because nothing seemed to fit with the friend’s concept of keeping her new arrival’s impact on his or her new home as minimal as possible [...]

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Purple Merino Sprinkle-dyed

Several months ago, in a search for pre-dyed yarns ready for spinning, I noticed that the Maiwa Handprints supply store on Granville Island carries 100 and 200 gram bags of merino and corriedale in incredible colours from Shades of Narnia in Chilliwack (sorry no site), just begging to be turned [...]

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Fighting colds au naturel

Ending our Christmas vacation and starting the New Year with a crappy couple of colds was our rotten luck this past week.  If you’re like Thomas, any kind of pill is an absolute last resort.  He prefers to tough out his illnesses without the aid of pain killers and decongestants.  However, [...]

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