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Apple Blueberry Pie + Pastry Tutorial

A couple of days ago I put the above photo on my twitter as a sneak peek for this recipe.  At the time, there was still some of this pie left in our fridge, and looking at it now, I’m REALLY sad we’ve eaten it all already.  Can we agree on something? Namely that one’s [...]

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Healthiest Weeknight Quiche Ever

Have you noticed we’re fans of dinners you can whip up quickly on a workday?  No? Let me introduce you to the eating category of this site.  We will try anything once, but unless it cooks up fast, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be ejected from our weeknight repertoire.
You might think quiche is a funny [...]

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Friday Food: Turkey Bacon Pasta Sauce

One of the easiest things I do for a weeknight supper is dress up a jar of store-bought pasta sauce with fresh ingredients.  Not terribly original, I know – every household has some version of this I’m sure.  The only reason I bring it up here today is that I’ve been [...]

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Friday Food

Contrary to the evidence on this site, we do still eat occasionally, and as you have probably noticed if you come here with any frequency, we like to take pictures of everything we eat.  Well, almost everything.  We like to take pictures of things we’re PROUD of eating.  For instance, we [...]

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Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday, and on Sunday Thomas made me this cake to celebrate. We’ve been eating it ever since, and last night after dinner I hit a cake wall…
You can find the recipe here.
You can also look at my birthday presents here. Woohoo!

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Pizza with Figs, Prosciutto, Gorgonzola, Balsamic, and Arugula

Recipe here

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Balcony Tomatoes

Arbitrarily at the grocery store sometime in May I said, “Hey, want a tomato plant?” Thomas was all, “Sure.” And so we bought one. I have a great nostalgia for tomato plants because my family grew a profusion of them in the backyard when I was growing up. The smell of the [...]

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Mojito Iced Tea

When Thomas and I went on our honeymoon to Antigua, the day that we arrived at the resort we walked in and sat down in the reception area and before we even had the check-in paperwork in front of us we were presented with two icy virgin mojitos.  Incredible. They set [...]

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If your dreams tell you to make pancakes, don’t argue, just do it.

I had a dream on Thursday night that the only thing that was going to save our marriage (in the dream, for some reason I can’t recall, our marriage was on the rocks) was if I got up in the morning and made pancakes.  I really have no idea what may have [...]

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Dinners in 30 minutes or less

Now that we’ve moved to an area that has real grocery stores, we have a weekend routine of picking dinner recipes for the week, taking our Rolser, and doing a big shop for all the ingredients.
We figured that our first week with Piper would mean a lot of adjustments for everyone, so [...]

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