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Grocery Shopping, MMX

A: What about these?
T: You better make sure those are the honey mustard pretzel pieces that weren’t recalled for containing hydrolized vegetable protein.
A: I do wish you would unsubscribe from that particular RSS feed, dear.

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As Requested: My Pre-Plunge Reading List

My good friend Nora asked me to share the things that I read to prepare myself for going it alone, so I went back through the notes I made when I was first setting up Phibersmith and came up with a short list of the resources I used to make me feel like I wasn’t [...]

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Found Object Sculpture, Theme “Domesticity”

Yesterday I amused myself while folding laundry by seeing how high I could stack Thomas’s clothes before they tumbled over (cheap thrills, I know).  Turns out pretty high – I got another load’s worth on there after I took this picture.
When he came home and asked me what I did for the day (and just [...]

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The Home Office – a brief catalogue

Don’t worry, this post has nothing to do with staplers or other office supplies – although I am still enjoying my “personal trimmer.”  I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between my working life now (at home) and my working life then (in an actual workplace/office).  Pretty much they are what you’d expect from [...]

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Back on Track

Hiatus finally over!  I’m so excited about the new site design – this is a first for me: our own custom designed Wordpress Theme.  I worked this baby up from scratch thanks to a brilliant tutorial by Ian Stewart of Theme Shaper, and I’m super pleased with the result.  Knowing me of course I’ll get [...]

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Middle Day

Wednesday is turning into my weird day of the week. It’s the day when I start cleaning obsessively, or reading random crap on the internet, or like today, the day when I putter around cleaning things, doing odds and ends, and pretending to myself that any minute I’m going to get up [...]

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Brand new year, brand new bag

(wherein “bag” does not refer to an “old lady” but rather to something akin to a “bag of tricks” if you will)
Well my internet friends, what do you think?  Finally I can (sort of) talk about my work on the web.  I’ve done something to resoundingly ring in the New Year, and [...]

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Christmas Shopping 21st Century Style

Yep, I am aware it’s only November 16.  Whatever you scrooges, I have already got my Christmas shop on.  Did you know there are only 39 shopping days left until Christmas (based on my highly fallible half-assed count)?  Well, now you do.  Feel free to start panicking!
Okay now stop.  Because guys, I’ve [...]

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Well!  I suppose we should pretend like we actually run this website and update it right about now, right? You are so right.
Huh, will you look at that – it’s Hallowe’en.  Thomas and I totally dropped the ball on this one, which is a little bit sad because this holiday was once [...]

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T writes:
Here’s something I’m doing that I never expected to be doing: I’m reading Vanity Fair. I’ve thought about it and come to the conclusion that this life experience is directly attributable to the fact that I live with a woman. It’s a by-product of having a female companion. The same [...]

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