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Taking the Heat

Looking out my window as I write, I can see a haze has started to fall over Vancouver.  It’s reached that peak in the current heat wave where, although the sky is still technically cloudless, it’s no longer exactly clear.  It’s turned a milky blue.  I think that means the pollution is beginning to build [...]

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June Bugs in July (my new thing learned)

These charming little guys keep showing up in our guest bedroom/my office/the Phibersmith studio.  What a versatile room!  I’m actually not sure I’ve ever seen an uglier bug, except maybe the so called “ghetto” bugs that are known to inhabit the student rental houses where Thomas and I went to school.  Those are uglier.  And [...]

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Home, for a rest.

I just dropped off some lovely house guests at the airport and drove home along a highly congested Marine Drive, because I’m not good at navigating in Vancouver and missed the exit for the highway.  Never mind.  The point is, that the airport drop-off officially concluded our travel-guest-wedding-hosting duties for the past 2.5 weeks.  While [...]

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At the juncture between hindsight and foresight

When I was in grade 3, I poked myself in the eye with a pencil.  The blunt end thankfully.  I had dropped the pencil under my desk, and my desk being against a wall I had to crawl underneath my desk to retrieve it.  As I was emerging from under the desk, I put my [...]

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Phibersmith out on the town

Well hey there.  Our iMac is indisposed at the moment, having its hard drive reformatted.  It’s very embarrassing as a Mac user to admit to having cpu issues, but there you have it – our constant companion is having its brains unscrambled.
In the meantime I’m relegated to activities I can complete with my antiquated little [...]

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Grocery Shopping, MMX

A: What about these?
T: You better make sure those are the honey mustard pretzel pieces that weren’t recalled for containing hydrolized vegetable protein.
A: I do wish you would unsubscribe from that particular RSS feed, dear.

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Because clearly we needed another hobby

I’m in the process of changing work states – which is not unlike changing from liquid to gas, it takes a lot of energy.  This happens every few weeks when I need to shift focus drastically from one of my pursuits to another, and it can take me a couple of days to get out [...]

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Embroidered Collar Series Preview

I’ve been working this week on a new series of embroidered collars for Phibersmith, and I’m so excited about them I just had to share a little peek at them with you.  They’ll be available publicly in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy!

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a-puttering, a-pottering

Pottery Class from Alexis Hoy on Vimeo.
I mentioned before that we are taking a ceramics class at Place des arts in Coquitlam.  On Sunday I finally remembered to bring our little Sony camera with us (I was afraid of getting clay all over the big one) and take some shots and video of Thomas in [...]

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As Requested: My Pre-Plunge Reading List

My good friend Nora asked me to share the things that I read to prepare myself for going it alone, so I went back through the notes I made when I was first setting up Phibersmith and came up with a short list of the resources I used to make me feel like I wasn’t [...]

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